June 20, 2018, Jehoshaphat, Mike Crowely, PM

June 17, 2018, Love, Greg Fleming, AM

June 13, 2018, Jacob, Bo Shero, Summer Series, PM

June 10, 2018, Hope, Greg Fleming, AM

June 6, 2018, Barnabas, Doug Doyle, Summer Series, PM

May 30, 2018, Shamgar, Adam Elliott, Summer Series, PM

May 27, 2018, communion meditation, Greg Fleming, AM

May 20, 2018, Who Knows?, Greg Fleming, AM

May 13, 2018, from man, from woman, Greg Fleming, AM

May 6, 2018, memory and renewal, Greg Fleming, AM

April 29, 2018, reading & meditation, Greg Fleming, AM

April 22, 2018, now and then, Greg Fleming, AM

April 15, 2018, obscene omission, Greg Fleming, AM

April 8, 2018, faithful praying, Greg Fleming, AM

April 1, 2018, Jesus the pioneer, Greg Fleming, AM

March 25, 2018, communion meditation, Greg Fleming, AM

March 18, 2018, Discovering God’s New Frontier, Kevin Bullard, AM

March 11, 2018, What is right?, Greg Fleming, AM

March 4, 2018, right at home, Greg Fleming, AM

February 25, 2018, communion meditation, Greg Fleming, AM

February 18, 2018, mustard trees, Greg Fleming, AM

February 11, 2018, buying in, Greg Fleming, AM

February 4, 2018, what you knead, Greg Fleming, AM

January 28, 2018, communion meditation, Greg Fleming, AM

January 21, 2018, By doing what…?, Greg Fleming, AM

January 14, 2018, lost and found, Greg Fleming, AM

January 7, 2018, Sermon, Greg Fleming, AM

December 24, 2017, Immanuel, Greg Fleming, AM

December 17, 2017, given, Greg Fleming, AM

December 10, 2017, the branch, Greg Fleming, AM

November 26, 2017, Communion Meditation, Greg Fleming, AM

November 19, 2017, Tom Hagan, Herald of Truth, AM

November 12, 2017, sift like wheat, Greg Fleming, AM

November 5, 2017, Trophies of His Grace, Kevin Bullard, PM

November 5, 2017, Being Faithful in Prayer, Kevin Bullard, AM

October 29, 2017, Moving From Lost to Saved, Kevin Bullard, AM

October 22, 2017, Communion Meditation, Greg Fleming, AM

October, 15, 2017, managing God’s grace, Greg Fleming, AM

October 8, 2017, lest you forget, Greg Fleming, AM

October 1, 2017, Sermon, Trent Herbert, SIBI, AM

September 17, 2017, Evening Sermon, Jake Cantrell, PM

September 17, 2017, Boast in the Lord, Greg Fleming, AM

September 10, 2017, Dress For Success, Greg Fleming, AM

September 3, 2017, Evening Worship, Jake Cantrell, SIBI, PM

September 3, 2017, Sermon, Paul Dowell, SIBI, AM

August 30, 2017, Resurrection of the Body, Larry Roberts, Summer Series, PM

August 27, 2017, Communion Meditation, Greg Fleming, AM

August 23, 2017, Returning Judge, Paul Shero, Summer Series, PM

August 20, 2017, Your God Reigns, Greg Fleming, AM

August 16, 2017, Spirit’s Sword, Fred Dominguez, Summer Series, PM

August 13, 2017, no peace for the wicked, Greg Fleming, AM

August 9, 2017, Spirit’s Fruit, Eddy Pitchford, Summer Series, PM

August 6, 2017, Who is My Shepherd?, Greg Fleming, AM

August 2, 2017, Fellowship of the Spirit, Jon Maner, Summer Series, PM

July 30, 2017, tasting salvation, Greg Fleming, AM

July 26, 2017, Christ’s Grace, Leslie Boone, Summer Series, PM

July 23, 2017, You Alone are the Lord, Greg Fleming, AM

July 19, 2017, Son of God, Randy Mathis, Summer Series, PM

July 16, 2017, potter and clay, Greg Fleming, AM

July 12, 2017, God the Father, Clark Tatum, Summer Series, PM

July 9, 2017, on this mountain, Greg Fleming, AM

July 5, 2017, God’s Love, Gary Truex, Summer Series, PM

July 2, 2017, God finds a way, Greg Fleming, AM

June 28, 2017, Rose from the Tomb, Greg Surles, Summer Series, PM

June 25, 2017, Communion Meditation, Greg Fleming, AM

June 21, 2017, Crucified for Our Sins, Richard Oldham, Summer Series, PM

June 18, 2017, fear and fathers, Greg Fleming, AM

June 14, 2017, God Became Flesh, Allen Weakland, Summer Series, PM

June 11, 2017, God & the nations, Greg Fleming, AM

June 7, 2017, God the Creator, Ray Young, Summer Series, PM

June 4, 2017, Sunset International, Bob Jackson, AM

May 28, 2017, Lord’s Supper, Greg Fleming, AM

May 14, 2017, women, wives, mothers, Greg Fleming, AM

May 7, 2017, believe, Greg Fleming, AM

April 30, 2017, Lord’s Supper, Greg Fleming, AM

April 23, 2017, that you may not sin, Greg Fleming, AM

April 16, 2017, the days of his flesh, Greg Fleming, AM

April 9, 2017, reconciliation, Greg Fleming, AM

April 2, 2017, claim the cross, Greg Fleming, AM

March 26, 2017, communion meditation, Greg Fleming, AM

March 19, 2017, corpus christi, Greg Fleming, AM

March 12, 2017, immersed in Acts, Greg Fleming, AM

March 5, 2017, a certain man was ill, Greg Fleming, AM

February 19, 2017, Who Is Rich?, Greg Fleming, AM

February 12, 2017, the Son of Man, Greg Fleming, AM

February 5, 2017, Honor One Another, Paul Dowell – SIBI, AM


2 Responses to Listen

  1. Rex Akins says:

    Hello All! Sorry I missed the 85th anniversary celebration and the reunion of so many I would have loved to see and visit with. My loss, indeed. I would like to hear the singing, especially with Clinton at the helm, but that specific recording on the “Listen” page has a blank file attached to it – plays but completely silent. All other recordings play fine. See if you can find the original, check it, and please reload it. My thanks for trying. Hope all is well with you all. My prayers in all remembrance of you all.


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